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Creative Photography Package

£75.00 GBP

The Creative Photography Package is designed to collaborate with other creatives wanting to branch into a new field such as creative direction, or those in need of a photographer for their projects.

For this package, everything is planned by you. You will tell me specifically the aesthetic you want to capture, the style and outfits of the models and you will send a full mood board for the aesthetic of the shoot. You will pick 2 locations and then during the shoot and also organize a director for it. As a result, I will produce either 7 or 17 edited pictures which will be transferred to you 10 days after the shoot. This is a 1 hour - 2.5-hour photoshoot, depending on pricing.

This package is incredible for new creative directors with fresh ideas, models, or fashion designers wanting to organise a shoot, or even people in film wanting to capture cinematic stills, you name it! 

Please Note: On purchase, you will need to schedule a date and time to shoot. Please contact first for availability before purchasing so as to not wait for a booking.

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